To Craft or Not to Craft

GW2 Reaper

After much flip flopping back and forth, i think i’ve finally decided to continue on in game as a Reaper. I’m going to put my Warrior on the backburner for now because, lets be honest, i can solo stuff on Reaper that i can’t on anything else. This has come in handy lots of times the last few days, where i would normally get stuck until someone else happened to run by. Reaper’s Shroud just makes everything so much smoother and less dangerous. It’s funny how an extra 30k health pool does that eh? I also managed to fully unlock Reaper finally which made Reaper’s Shroud all that much better. The increased attack speed and crit bonus is nuts.

GW2 Reaper

My next task was to stop procrastinating and level my Tailoring. Since i decided to run with Reaper, i need to craft myself a full ascended light armor set. Hitting Grandmaster only took a few hours following some guide and with a crafting boost on. I was able to save some mats and recoup some of my gold afterwards. That’s a good thing because this is going to be expensive if i don’t craft as many components as i can myself. Collecting all of the materials is going to take a significant amount of time, but then again it should. It’s something to work towards each day and i like that.

I also decided to go with Marauder stats instead of Berserkers. I’ve never liked full glass cannon builds so this is a nice alternative in my opinion. I know it’s not optimal but i don’t intend on raiding and it’s what i prefer so all is good in my book. I’m curious if i have to spend my time doing HoT zones for mats or can i do PoF instead? I’ll have to do some research on that because i definitely prefer one over the other. For now i’ll have to sport my yucky exotic gear but i’ll be fine i  think.

GW2 Reaper


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