MountQuest Redux?

I just realized this morning that i haven’t done a mount post about GW2 yet. Yes they’re fairly new to the game but being as they are the main attraction of the expansion, i thought i’d share some screenshots of mine. I’m actually pretty lacking in terms of not only skins but also types. The laziness is quite strong when it comes to actually unlocking them all as i’m still missing the griffon and roller beetle. I know i know, i have got to get to it and unlock them but i’m having so much fun doing everything else right now that i always put unlocking them off.

Since i’m currently running around on my Necro, i of course had to stick with a green color scheme. Normally i like to stay tasteful and not overdo it but i may have gone overboard with the green on some of these. I may have to rethink a few of these and tone them down a bit, perhaps with green accents instead of full blown crazy. I thought i left the fel flame stuff to another game. I guess i can’t escape the awesomeness of my favorite color. It calls to me!

I’m actually dying to get the griffon and roller beetle mounts so i may get on those as soon as i’m done crafting all my ascended light armor pieces. It may take me a few to finish up but i’ll get them done as soon as i can. I really need to get back to my story journal and continue PoF as well. Lots to do and not a lot of time to do it recently i’m afraid, Perhaps after Blaugust i’ll get back to playing more and spending less time thinking of topics to ramble on about. Prepare for more mount posts as your punishment.

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