Happy 6th GW2!

Has it really been six years already since the launch of GW2? I honestly can’t believe it’s been over half a decade since the hype train took off from the station and has kept going for this long. I was one of the ones that saw this game as the only one worth playing for the foreseeable future back in 2012. I think it came out at a perfect time for me as i was coming off of Rift and TOR. I was a bit off on my assessment but i’ve still played GW2 much more than the two games i left for it. I don’t know what that says but i’ve enjoyed my time much more in Tyria than the other two.

The absolute best part of Anets 6th anniversary of GW2 is the free gift i got to select out of a chest from the gem shop. Who doesn’t like free stuff right? Well as a musician there was no doubt about what i was going to select from the list of options. It was the guitar of course! I really, really wish it was a guitar instead  of a bass guitar but i’ll make due with what i’m given. I can’t really complain about a free musical instrument, and one that i can actually play notes with in game. It’s absolutely amazing and i love stuff like this when they’re implemented properly. So far i think they are.

I used to stand around in LoTRO and just watch groups of players perform songs in random towns and be amazed that developers put stuff like this in game for them to do so. I’m not really a role player but things like this sometimes encourages me to give it a whirl. It definitely adds to the immersion aspect of it for sure. I know that’s sometimes a dirty word around more cynical players but i don’t care. I like getting lost in my games as much as i can and instruments or toys like this help players do just that. My friend and i were determined to play Thunderstruck but it never really materialized. That’s alright though as we spent a good hour just messing around with our new toys. We’ll have to practice til our fingers bleed.

Kudos GW2. I’ll play you a song when i figure this thing out. Until then \m/.

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