Dye Dye My Darling

I’ve made it no secret how much i absolutely love GW2’s dye system.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping all future MMO’s adopt the quantity and ease of use of this system.  Being able to dye multiple parts of every piece of gear at any time is just amazing.  No need to go to an NPC or home town or anything like that, just click and you’re done.  Glen Danzig would approve.

Guild Wars 2 Dyes
Guild Wars 2 Dyes
Collecting dyes became something to do for me when not running dungeons or fractals.  Since I’m a nut job that thinks buying them defeats the purpose, my collection is still not complete and may never be.  I’ve managed to collect a ton of them through just every day playing and by trading with guildies for colors i needed.  Unfortunately, I’m now stuck at the point of only needed rare dyes!  Help me Obi-Wan, send me your dyes.
Here’s where i stand:  366/415 or 88%
  • Starter Dyes – 21/21
  • Common Dyes – 181/181
  • Uncommon Dyes – 119/119
  • Rare Dyes – 45/82
  • Flame & Frost Dyes – 0/12

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