Azeroth, We Have a Problem

My intent for todays post was to talk about something other than Battle for Azeroth. I figure everyone is either tired of posts about it or are playing it and therefore have no time to read about it. As hard as i tried to get away from it ,something kept bringing me back to the topic as i was thinking about this post. I’m not sure what to think or how to feel about it honestly.

I’m having a really hard time enjoying myself and i don’t know why. Everyone i talk to or read posts about seem to be enjoying themselves and that’s great. I on the other hand seem to be in a rut and have lost all motivation to keep playing it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the expansion, i actually quite like the new zones, but i can’t get over feeling sort of blasé about the whole thing.

Am i burnt out or perhaps just crazy? Nah it can’t be the first since i’ve taken a break from MMO’s for the last few years actually. I’m definitely not disappointed since i got exactly what i expected in this expansion. I’m at a point where i’d rather turn of Netflix or Prime and binge something rather than get my exp on. This is the same way i felt when i took my last break and i really don’t want to do that again. Perhaps i just need something new or different to get me excited again. Or perhaps i’ll feel differently tomorrow. Who knows with me haha.

Again this is totally on me at this point. I’m sure everyone’s been there at one point or another.


  • So odd. I feel the exact same way.

    How far are you at? Though I’ve not had much time to play at all; I’m just not that “Can’t wait to play again” kind of stage. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed with things to do?

    Maybe the events leading up to BfA made it start on a “sour note” (right English expression?)
    Maybe I need a sense of direction? I don’t know!

    As you say, I am not dissapointed either, though, granted, I’ve not reached very far yet and I am still 110. Just an hour to play a day so.

    But I too would rather sit and watch a movie now, which I find so weird, and surprising, because normally, an expansion means lots of gaming!

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    • I just dinged 113 and dont have it in me to continue. I’m just not enjoying myself at all. I’m past the stage i my life where I would keep playing out of some loyalty for the game or my guild.


      • Right, I see. Then perhaps it might be time for a break after all? I mean it’s one thing to be a little “blah” about the whole thing, but it’s another to not enjoy yourself at all. Do you like the new systems, artifact, war front, islands stuff, or do you find them unnecessary to have in the game? I’m not up there yet, so I haven’t tried any of it myself yet.

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